‘Dr. Death’ Boss on Edgar Ramirez & Mandy Moore’s ‘Riveting Love Story’ in Season 2

Edgar Ramírez as Dr. Paolo Macchiarini, Mandy Moore as Benita Alexander in 'Dr. Death' - Season 2 Episode 3
David Giesbrecht/Peacock
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Think of Dr. Paolo Macchiarini (Edgar Ramírez) as Prince Charming with a scalpel. In the second season of Dr. Death, this gripping anthology series based on real-life cases of medical malfeasance, the charismatic Italian thoracic surgeon grows famous for his groundbreaking synthetic organ transplants. But then his patients begin to die.

Most of the starstruck international medical community accept his excuses for the deaths. “I was excited to demonstrate how institutional flaws stretch around the globe,” says executive producer Ashley Michel Hoban of the eight episodes that move from the U.S. to Sweden, Russia and Spain. “We also have a riveting love story, which adds a new layer of complexity.”

NBC News producer Benita Alexander (Mandy Moore) falls for the polyglot physician while doing a story on his work but keeps their passionate relationship a secret because it’s a breach of professional ethics. (Alexander made a 2018 documentary about her experience, He Lied About Everything.)

“The character truly evolved with Mandy,” reports Hoban. “She brings an incredible warmth onscreen, along with a sharp intellect and strong sense of conviction.”

As Benita heartbreakingly realizes that Paolo’s romantic promises to her were based on lies, a group of doctors discover his innovations are rooted in flawed research. Someone must stop the celebrated surgeon before he shatters another life.

Viewers can learn even more about Macchiarini’s (left) true crimes in Dr. Death: Cutthroat Conman, a 90-minute documentary that includes first-hand accounts from former patients. It’s also streaming on Thursday, December 21.

Dr. Death, Season 2 Premieres Thursday, December 21, Peacock

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