‘Celebrity Wheel of Fortune’ Champ Matt Rogers Under Fire for Comments About Pat Sajak & Show (VIDEO)

Matt Rogers on Wheel of Fortune
Disney/Christopher Willard

Comedian Matt Rogers won big on the most recent episode of Celebrity Wheel of Fortune, but he faced backlash from fans after an old clip resurfaced where he once slammed the show and its host, Pat Sajak.

The clip, from Rogers’ iHeart Radio podcast Las Culturistas, went viral following the New York native’s impressive win on last Wednesday’s (December 13) episode of Wheel. Rogers bagged a massive $260,650 for charity in a decisive victory against Paula Abdul and comedian/actor Lil Rel Howery.

In the clip, Rogers tells his co-host, Bowen Yang (Saturday Night Live), that Wheel of Fortune is a “stupid,” “boring” show with “no skill involved.”

The rant was from a 2021 episode and part of the podcast’s regular “I Don’t Think So, Honey” segment, where the hosts and their guests are given 60 seconds to sound off about frustrating cultural phenomenons.

“This is a stupid game,” Rogers starts. “First of all, there’s no skill involved, and even if there were, no one that they cast has an ounce of it.”

He continues, “They spin the goddamn wheel, it lands on bankrupt eight out of ten times, it’s so f*****g boring. And then they look up at the wheel, it says G, blank, A, T, the word is Goat, and they go, ‘I’d like to solve… GLAT.”

“It’s like, ‘what are you f*****g talking about?'” he adds. “Also, stop buying vowels, you idiots. You’re losing money! Guess ‘C’… ‘C’ is in every word. If you have a ‘T’ up there, mama, guess ‘H.’ If there’s a Q, THAT’S when you buy a ‘U.'”

“They’re fools. You don’t need any skill involved,” Rogers goes on. “Jeopardy! is the real game, Vanna White deserves a bigger role, and Pat Sajak sucks.”

“Lil Rel Howery, Paula Abdul and Matt Rogers on Wheel

Disney/Christopher Willard

Rogers did actually appear on Celebrity Jeopardy! in 2022, but he lost out to Aisha Tyler and John Michael Higgins, a fact fans were quick to point out when they rediscovered his Wheel rant.

“Well, this rant certainly aged like milk. Matt Rogers lost on Jeopardy! but won over $260K on #WheelofFortune despite it being a “stupid”, “boring” game and “Pat Sajak sucks,”” wrote one viewer on X. “I hope Matt gave Pat and the WOF crew an apology at some point.”

“I found a video of Matt being a total dick about Wheel of Fortune and Pat Sajak and saying “Jeopardy! is the real game.” I DON’T THINK SO, HONEY. Go back to Jeopardy!” added another.

“You’d think Wheel wouldn’t want someone who publicly spoke so poorly of their show,” said another commenter.

Rogers hasn’t addressed the rant, but he did share a post on Instagram celebrating his victory and praising the experience.

“I WON @celebritywheeloffortune! Third time was the game show charm for me! $260K for @storypirates!” he wrote. Rogers also appeared on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire in 2017, winning $5,000 after he answered incorrectly on his $20,000 question.


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“And while raising this money was the highlight… a VERY close second was meeting the one and only icon @paulaabdul who I have loved forever and is an absolute joy,” he added.

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