Will Arnett Pulls Off LEGO ‘Holiday Bricktacular Miracle’ In Sneak Peek (VIDEO)

Holiday Bricktacular
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Tom Griscom/FOX

If you can’t get enough LEGO Masters, you’re in luck because FOX is gifting a second year of its Celebrity Holiday Bricktacular. Will Arnett hosts the holiday-themed event with judges Jamie Berard and Amy Corbett joining in on the festivities. Over two nights stars are paired with fan-favorite former contestants. Much like the flagship LEGO Masters, we can expect unpredictable twists and surprises.

Making up the star lineup for the competition are NeNe Leakes, Marshawn Lynch, Kelly Osbourne, and Rob Riggle. They’ll pair up with fan-favorite former contestants David Guedes (Season 3), Caleb Schilling (Season 2), Krystle Starr (Season 1), and Randall Wilson (Season 2) to tackle holiday-themed challenges for $10,000 charities of their choice.

Holiday Bricktacular 2023

Tom Griscom/FOX

The perennial favorite will return for the third installment in December 2024. Last year’s winners were Robin Thicke and Boone Langston, who sleighed the competition.

As we anxiously wait for the premiere, FOX filled our stocking with an exclusive clip below to tide us over featuring NeNe and her partner Caleb, in matching flannel. The unique team seems to have hit a brick wall with their planned design and a critique from the brickmasters.

While we don’t know exactly what the challenge is, there was apparent concern that the scene they were setting would get lost somehow in the car. Will helps them along by suggesting the idea of Santa helping him get to the hospital with his sleigh. “The sleigh is open from the top. There is so much room to see what’s happening.” Caleb said.

Will brings up the idea that it’s almost like he saved Christmas. Going as far as saying, “It’s a Holiday Bricktacular Miracle.” We’ll have to wait and see what the teams are cooking up the finished product, and if Will’s words of wisdom helped them to victory.

Celebrity Lego Masters Holiday Bricktacular, Monday, December 18 & Tuesday, December 19, 8/7c, FOX