‘The Brothers Sun’: Go Behind Action-Packed Scenes With Michelle Yeoh & Cast (VIDEO)

Netflix is unveiling an action-packed first look at its family drama series The Brothers Sun, which is set to arrive on the streamer at the start of the new year on Thursday, January 4.

The behind-the-scenes look pulls back the curtain on Brad Falchuk and Byron Wu’s exciting series which stars Oscar-winner Michelle Yeoh as Eileen, mother to Charles “Chairleg” Sun (Justin Chien) and his naive younger brother Bruce (Sam Song Li). The mother and sons come together when Charles and Bruce’s father, who happens to be the head of a powerful Taiwanese triad, is shot by a mystery assassin.

Michelle Yeoh, Sam Son Li, and Justin Chien in 'The Brothers Sun'

(Credit: Courtesy of Netflix)

The catch? Eileen and Bruce have been living in Los Angeles for years, and Bruce is in the dark when it comes to the family business until Charles shows up to provide them protection, leaving his life as a skilled killer behind in Taiwan. What ensues is a chaotic mashup of sweet family moments, action-packed comedy, and much more.

As Taipei’s deadliest societies and a new rising faction go head-to-head for power, Charles, Bruce, and Eileen must heal the wounds of their separation and figure out what brotherhood and family really mean before one of their enemies kills them. In the special featurette, above, wu, Falchuck, Yeoh, and more preview what’s to come from the series.

Among the highlights are thrilling action sequences showcasing Chien’s Charles, the revelation that “food porn” plays an important role, and ultimately, The Brothers Sun is a series about family, no matter how complicated it might be. Along with starring Yeoh, Chien, and Li, The Brothers Sun features Highdee Kuan, Joon Lee, Johnny Kou, Alice Hewkin, Jon Xue Zhang, Jenny Yang, Madison Hu, and Rodney To.

The show is executive produced by creators Wu and Falchuk with Kevin Tancharoen, and Mikkel Bondesen. Catch their exciting new series The Brothers Sun when it arrives on Netflix, and don’t miss the fun featurette, above.

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