‘The Golden Bachelor’: Wedding Plans & More Surprises From After the Final Rose

Gerry Turner for 'The Golden Bachelor'
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[Warning: The following contains MAJOR spoilers from The Golden Bachelor Finale.]

The Golden Bachelor made his choice during the reality show’s finale. After weeks of riding the emotional roller coaster, Gerry Turner ultimately decided on financial services professional Theresa Nist. The two proved it’s never too late for love with the 72-year-old getting down on one knee and Theresa accepting the proposal. Theresa revealed that her grandsons kept the secret the entire time, but didn’t tell her sisters. Surprise!

Host Jesse Palmer asked the burning question about what happened during the overnight. “How often do you ask your parents about overnight dates?” Gerry asked. He did respond saying there were things revealed in conversation, showing different sides to her. Theresa followed up saying she knocked his boots off. She said they actually went back to their normal lives after the engagement but have talked continuously and had deeper conversations. The upcoming new Bachelor Joey Graziadei sat in the audience getting a peek at what’s to come for him.


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Jesse teased an announcement “that’ll leave all of the Bachelor Nation stunned.” He revealed they were sending the couple on an Italian vacation. Gerry decided on the spot that it would be the perfect honeymoon. They are planning to get married as quickly as possible because “at their age, they don’t have time to wait.” Save the date we’re invited to the wedding live on ABC on January 4!

There were also some difficult moments. Leslie Fhima opened up to host Jesse about the heartbreak she experienced after Gerry broke the news. She said she was unapologetically herself and broke down her walls. The  64-year-old fitness instructor felt blindsided, thinking about how well the meeting with the children and grandchildren went and the overnight date. She even picked out a dress and wrote out vows. The moment stirred up emotions about not being picked in the past.


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Gerry and Leslie reunited on stage for the first time since Costa Rica. She told him he had integrity, which was something she didn’t take for granted. Leslie continued: “Only you and I know what was shared during the overnight…” Those words gave her certainty that she was his girl.

Gerry told her with each rose ceremony it became difficult because he didn’t want to hurt anyone. He added, “When I said I love you. In those moments I meant it.” He apologized for how he handled things. Leslie said she doesn’t know if she can accept his apology but understands it. “I had to find the person I can’t live without, but I did that.” Despite the heartbreak, Leslie was glad he told her he loved her because it opened her heart to the person that is out there for her.

Gerry did not address any of the allegations about his murky past uncovered by an investigation by The Hollywood Reporter. At the top of the list was the emergence of an ex-named Carolyn, who was 14 years younger. The two reportedly had a three-year relationship that started a month after his wife’s passing. We’ll see if it’s discussed further in future interviews in the weeks leading up to the big day.

Will you be watching Gerry and Theresa tie the knot?

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